FrontPorchConjure is a growing!

I apologize for not posting anything recently. I have been a busy bee working on my Etsy store.

I started the store back in July of 2012 and here it is only 4 months into it and I have sold over 31 items. I had no clue it would grow so quickly. How is she doing it you may ask?

Facebook,Etsy, and WordPress!

My peacefully clean floor wash was mentioned in blog and thanks to her post I have new traffic to my store! Thank you Seba.

One of my gris gris bags was pictured in Love Potion’s blog right next to Lucky Mojo and Herb Magic:  Thank you Love Potion!

Finally, I have followed Matthew Levi and his group on Facebook called Traditional Conjure and now featured as a hoodoo/voodoo supply store.!/groups/tradconjure/ Thank you Matthew!

It feels good to know all your hard work pays off but I couldn’t do it at all without YOU! So, THANK YOU!

Mama T

Opening a Store on Etsy


Opening a Store on Etsy is pretty much a straight forward play by-play follow the directions type of site for most but for me it was extremely hard to navigate and to learn. The very first thing to do to start-up an Etsy store is that you have to start-up a Paypal account.

Now this is a job in itself setting up a business account. For me this was harder than most because I used to have a Paypal account and haven’t used it for YEARS. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember the email address that was on file and had a rumble with the Paypal Help Center in retrieving my old account. Then after a day of rumbling with Paypal I finally got back my old account only having to update every last thing on the profile and UGH! Once you get over this huddle it isn’t that hard.

Next you go back to Etsy:

The rest is pretty much an easy set up as far as the shop itself goes.

A good way to save and upload pictures of items you are going to sell is Photobucket or other websites that are similar in that effect. One of the reasons why I prefer Photobucket is due to its editing and enhancement features that is available. This will also help you keep up with  the inventory for your shop.

Now you have the store and the pictures of your items the next step is packaging. Now for me this was the hardest part and still trying to learn some of the ends and outs. The best way is to start-up an account with UPS. Then go under their shipping tag and click order supplies.

They offer FREE flat rate boxes that are available to order over the internet. Now it does take 7-10 days before you will receive the boxes so take note. For the smaller shipping envelopes go to your local Dollar Tree. Yes you read that correctly!  This is by far the cheapest route. You can also find affordable boxes at Walmart, HomeDepot, and Lowes.

Also check out VistaPrint. You can receive 250 business cards for FREE. They also have very affordable rates for car magnets and other business supplies.

I wish I had found a blog that helped me with this process so instead here you go! May this help you on your journey!   Please take a moment to check out my store and purchase some of my homemade crafts:

Thank you,

Mama T